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12:36pm 15/04/2007
  Reminder to everyone: The DDR tournament is today at 4:00 at The Alley. If you want to enter and you haven't yet, the cost is $10.  
10:11pm 08/04/2007
  The Alley seems to be really stepping up to the plate DDR-wise. The past several times I've gone there, I've noticed that the arrows on the 1p side haven't been sticking at all. It seems like freeze arrows are still kind of hard to hold down on the 2p side, or at least my brother had trouble with them, but then again he just might not be heavy enough. They also changed the settings from $1/3 songs to $1/4 songs. It seems like the majority of the people who used to play at Town East are "over" DDR or something, because there's never a lot of people around (aside from really asinine 12 year olds who think it's omfghilarious to pretend-DDR behind you).

As I was saying, though, the Alley seems to have taken an interest in promoting DDR, because they're holding a tournament next Sunday (the 15th) at 4:00. If you sign up in advance it's $7, or if you wait till the day of it's $10. It looks like it's all on heavy (as opposed to some tournaments which have both standard and heavy divisions), and they're giving away prizes. I'd encourage you guys to go because DDR tournaments are really fun and it can show the Alley that keeping DDR will have a good payoff. Or something, I'm not very coherent right now as I just got done playing. I'm going, although I probably don't have a chance at winning if the old Town East DDRers hear about this. I guess we'll see though!

Here's a nearly illegible copy of the flyer they have up at The Alley.Collapse )
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07:35am 10/01/2007
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According to DDRFreak, both The Alley on the east side and All Star Sports on the west side now have DDR SuperNOVA. I don't know if any of you have gotten to play on a SuperNOVA yet or not, but I played on it when I was in New York recently and it's pretty much awesome. It sounds like these machines aren't in very good quality, but still, DDR. In Wichita. !!!

I don't think DDRFreak would lie, but just in case can any of you confirm this?

Also, yesterday I stumbled upon a ton of BeForU / Riyu Kosaka albums/singles. Since BeForU is one of the most popular DDR artists, I could upload them if anyone's interested.
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03:24pm 10/12/2006
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DDR toys are now available with kid's meals at Burger King. According to DDRfreak, they should be available through the end of the year, while supplies last.
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12:06am 08/09/2006
  I'm putting off homework, so:

As we are all aware, there is an extreme lack of DDR in Wichita right now. If you don't know, we have TWO Solo Bass machines, one at the Premiere Palace and one at the Northrock 14 (because of course one horrendous mix at a movie theatre wasn't enough). The pads at the Northrock one are pretty good, but none of you are allowed to play there because I take up a lot of the high scores and I don't want to get kicked off. ;-; (I kid... mostly.)

But what do we have? Pump, and lots of it. Unfortunately, as far as I've found, there's nothing like DDRfreak's Machine Location list for Pump. So how do we know what's where?

Answer: You tell us. :D If you know of a Pump machine around Wichita -- or any other dancing game/bemani game/WHATEVER vaguely-related-to-DDR machine -- it would be wonderful if you could comment with the following:

Game: (As in DDR Solo Bass, Pump [mix if you know it], etc.)
Location: (ex: Towne West arcade [which still exists but has no bemani ;-;], Cici's Pizza @ 31st & Seneca)
Cost per play: (50c for 4 songs, $1.00/hour, whatev)
Machine quality: (Poor sound quality, back left arrow sticks, etc.)

If, somewhere down the line, information about a machine changes, you can reply to the initial comment mentioning it with an update.

I'll start in the comments!

If there's a need for it I may make a geocities website for us with things like this, the Member Database, etc -- however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of need. >_>

Putting off homework makes me so productive. >_>

Also, I gave this place a "makeover" some days ago. I'm still not entirely satisfied with it, but I can't make overrides do what I want them to do so for now it's good. (Relatively speaking. I made the background image in paint :D)
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PSX Imports? 
01:31pm 03/09/2006
  Okay, this is a long-shot, but. I have some extra money at the moment, and I'd like to add a few DDR mixes to my collection. I currently have Konamix and imported 5th mix... I'd *really* like to have 3rd mix or 4th mix, and I'd kind of like 1st and 2nd too, and maybe Extra Mix... haha, basically anything for the PSX. Does anyone know where I could find these, besides ebay? Particularly if any of you have a copy you'd like to sell, since that way I don't have to worry about shipping and whatnot.

I *am* scouring ebay, but not finding much of anything I like. This makes me sad -- a few months ago I was messing around on ebay and found a dude who was selling a whole bunch of mixes -- I think it was 1st mix, 2nd, 2nd append v1 and v2, 3rd and 4th -- all for $99. Not $99 each, $99 total. It stayed up there for a few months, but now as soon as I have money it's gone. :(

I ordered a Cobalt Flux yesterday. I feel so extravagant. But it's going to be such a step up from my $20 pads (although one of them has been working faithfully for two years now, believe it or not... I would totally recommend Intec brand if you're looking for a decent cheap-o soft pad).
10:59pm 07/05/2006
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So, I have a plan.

According to Wikipedia, DDR SuperNOVA is supposed to be released the 15th of this month. This is great and all, but... obviously at the moment that doesn't mean much for any of us.

Currently at the RSC Arcade at WSU, they have a Pump Exceed machine that nobody really plays. As we all know, there are a ton of Pump machines throughout Wichita, and they really don't have much of a following. As we all also know, there are no (decent) DDR machines throughout Wichita, but they, theoretically, have a pretty good following. Therefore, it seems like having a DDR machine over a Pump machine would be good for business. Well, that's what I'd like to convince the important people at the RSC arcade, anyway.

I don't really know how I'd do that. I mean, obviously I'd have to convince them that there are a lot of people who would be interested in having a DDR machine, and that there'd be as much of a crowd in the arcade there as there used to be at Towne East or something. Even then, Pump Exceed is only about two years old, so it might be a hard sell. But I'd like it if we could get either an Extreme machine or a SuperNOVA machine in there.

Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts on the matter? >_> This could be entirely unfeasible, but it seems like something to consider.
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105.3 the buzz , Kidd Kradick Plays DDR and loves yacking about it 
03:41pm 05/05/2006
  I was listening to the radio this morning and Kid Kradick was talking about what a Killer DDR player he is... I'd love to get ahold of him and see how good he is.Just thought that was kinda a neat fact!  
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06:35pm 12/03/2006

Okay, so. I called Gamer Zone today, and they said they were open. I went over to investigate, and they are, indeed, open. But they don't have DDR. They're apparently in the process of building a fire escape, and until it's done they have no electricity on the back wall -- where DDR is. Not only that, but the new hard pads they told me they had right before they closed? Apparently they're the kind that have to be assembled. If you ask me, 2 months of being closed is more than enough to assemble some hard pads, but then nobody asked me. They told me they had NO IDEA how long it was going to be until they had DDR again, and said something along the lines of "We'll call you if we get it set up before your membership expires". My membership expires in TWO MONTHS, so that might give you kind of an idea how much of a priority DDR is to them.

I guess it's understandable, since the vast majority of their business comes from computer games rather than DDR. But it sure sucks for us.

On another note, and this is relevant, last night I went to a LAN party run by LAN Lordz. I heard from a friend that they had just gotten a sponsorship from RedOctane, who had sent them a couple of nice foam pads, so they would have DDR there. As it turns out, they didn't have DDR -- it didn't click in my head until I was there, but RedOctane = In The Groove stuff more than DDR these days, and their sponsorship apparently hinged on us playing ITG instead of DDR. But the pads weren't bad, and I don't quite hate ITG as much as I used to. So if you're completely DDR-less and want to check this out, their LANs are entirely free, held on the second Saturday of each month at the Bear's Bingo at Meridian and McCormick (Lincoln). Check their website for more details.

This is random, but what do you guys think of the idea of having a ddr_wichita meetup sometime? Say at the Premiere Palace or Northrock 14. We could maybe catch a movie and then play some AWESOME AWESOME SOLO BASS MIX. Other possible ideas include dinner at the CiCi's Pizza at 31st and Seneca followed by some Pump It Up, or meeting up at the Rhatigan Student Center at WSU for some Pump. Or we could have a DDR Potluck, and have everyone bring their DDR crap (pads, games, etc) to someone's house. The possibilities are nearly endless, but I don't know if there's any interest or not. It's up to you guys. Post a comment here if you'd be interested, or have any other suggestions or anything.
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10:47pm 11/03/2006
  Hey guys, guess what? According to DDRfreak's machine locations list, Northrock 14 picked up a DDR machine.

This would be exciting if they hadn't picked SOLO BASS MIX. For those who don't remember, there's already been a Solo Bass Mix at the Premiere Palace for like years, and it's pretty much the worst mix ever.

I'm thinking about making a new layout for this place (assuming that's cool with you, laren?). Just as a note.
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09:59pm 05/02/2006
  What do you guys think of this prospective songlist posted on Wikipedia? According to the DDR freak forums, Konami has said that every song from DDR in the past has an equal chance of making it onto SuperNOVA, so at this point that list is more or less speculation. However, considering the success of Extreme arcade, I'd imagine a lot of this is correct -- basically Extreme arcade + random other bemani/home version songs.

What unlikely songs would you guys like to see brought back in SuperNOVA? Anything from any mix, arcade or home version. I'm curious. (I don't mean like "lol Paranoia!" I mean stuff that isn't likely to come back.)

My listCollapse )

I usually go to Towne East once a week or so, and yesterday when I was there, somebody was doing something where the arcade used to be. I don't know if somebody else is moving in, or we're getting another arcade, or what, but I thought it was worth mention.

I ordered a copy of DDR 5th Mix off of eBay, and it got here yesterday. I've only been able to emulate it on my computer since I lost my swap disk, but it seems like a very good mix. If you're looking for possibly the best DDR PSX home version, have a significant amount of money (about $60) to drop on it, and can play Japanese PSX games, I would recommend it.

How is everyone?
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Calling all musicians... 
04:14pm 29/01/2006
  Check it out. Apparently Broadjam and Konami are looking for new music to be in DDR, and thus, they're holding a contest. Winners get $250, retain the rights to their music, and get featured in an upcoming mix.

I know we've got some musicians in here...
08:33pm 28/01/2006
  Guys, the impossible has happened. There's going to be a new arcade release of DDR, titled Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, to be released this coming Spring. As of right now very little is known about it, but you can find a *bit* more information at DDRsuperNOVA.com.

Personally, based on the screenshots, I think the graphics are going to be amazing.

What do you guys think? Any song list speculations? What about the return of dancing characters?

I happen to love this post found on the DDRsuperNOVA.com forum.

Of course, we may not ever lay eyes on this mix here in Wichita, but we can hope.

In other news, Gamer Zone (the place I talked about recently with soft pads and Stepmania) HAS moved to Douglas and Seneca, and HAS acquired hard pads. However, because the city has to re-zone their new place, they're going to be closed for awhile. ;_; I haven't even gotten to test out their nw pads yet... ._. But I'll let you know when they return.
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Unlocked Ultramix 3 for xbox 
03:38pm 24/01/2006
mood: bouncy
Heard more on Arcade in Towne east... no go, I guess people backed out... figures.... ANYWAYS on a brighter note my buddy got me the unlock code for the songs on ultra mix 3 on Xbox... it was too easy, anyone wants it hollar at me!!! I wish more people would update on this!! Come on peeps, maybe we can work something up and get DDR back.We just need to talk it up... anyone know when the next Anime thing is gonna be? we could do it there!! COME ON!! ANYONE WITH ME?? HOLLAR BACK AT YA GIRL!!!
Towne East closed, yes... maybe new in?? 
02:23pm 27/12/2005
mood: hopeful
Yeah, Towne east is closed and i don't think towne west has any DDR anymore (sticks tounge out)but I heard a little whisper from a couple friends of mine (one of which is a killer DDR player... who's beat me at a few comp that were here in town)that a new privatly owned arcade owner may be moving in after the 1st of the year. (does happy dance)He's pretty up on stuff, so maybe we'll get lucky. Just wanted to give a heads up! Peace out
10:09pm 23/12/2005
mood: accomplished
Well guys, there's a new(-ish) place to play DDR(-ish) here in Wichita now. By new-ish I mean they've existed for more or less a year now, but I only just discovered them.

On the northeast corner of Harry and Broadway, there's a not-very-friendly looking brown building. If you go around back, though, you see that it's called Gamer Zone. Customers enter in the back, and don't be fooled by the unlit OPEN sign (which as far as I can tell is never on) -- I believe their hours are something like noon-4AM daily. Gamer Zone is like a cross between an arcade and a LAN party. You pay to play by the hour -- $5/hr for non-members, $1.50/hr for members. In there, they have various computers hooked up to high speed internet, with lots of games installed on them (I played Counter-Strike for the first time in years the other day), and most importantly, DDR.

Well, not exactly.

Currently, their setup is not ideal -- softpads hooked up to a computer running Stepmania. However, I think the pads are modded, and I've managed to do pretty well with them. I'd venture to say I did as well on them as I did at the arcade, with a few more misses thrown in. One of the pads is having issues currently, so you can only play single player as of now. However, they ARE getting hard pads at some time in the future. I've been told if everything goes perfectly, they'll have them in mid-January, but don't hold me or them to that. They also have a good majority of DDR songs loaded into Stepmania. While they are missing a few important ones (no Maxes except for LoM, no Healing Vision or Angelic Mix, etc.) a few days ago I gave them a 4-CD set with EVERY DDR SONG FROM EVERY MIX EVER plus some In The Groove simfiles and some miscellaneous stuff from Bemanistyle, some simfiles even complete with arcade-style background videos and everything. With any luck they'll have that on there soon.

Currently there aren't many DDR players there at all -- I apparently amazed some of them, and I'm only a 7-8 foot player. For soft pads their pads are amazing, and if you're just missing the arcade atmosphere or want to hang out with some nerds (God I love nerds), it's a good place to be. If you're interested at all I would highly encourage you to become a member -- memberships are $15 for three months, and $20 for six, so if you only play for like... 5 hours ever, a $15 membership at $1.50 an hour would be cheaper than $5 an hour. Also, they may be relocating at some point soon from this location to the second floor of Agent's Comics at Douglas and Seneca. I'll post again if/when that happens.

Sorry this is kind of long and just a tad spammy (I don't work for them or anything, I just wanted to pimp a newly-discovered DDR hangout), but I figured we were all probably missing the arcades a little bit and could use something like this.

P.S. The 7 Jump is my new favorite song, ever. THEY SAY THAT I CAN'T DANCE AT ALL, BUT I'M DANCIN' LIKE A DISCO BALL.
11:12pm 28/09/2005
  Um... based on my track record I seem to be pretty good at starting unfounded rumors about arcades, but I've heard from a pretty reliable source that the Towne East arcade has closed, and it sounds permanent. (EDIT: Confirmed in a post by co-mod laren that I somehow missed before. >_>)

I'm... pretty pissed about it, myself, as that means we're down to one DDR machine in Wichita -- A Solo Bass Mix at the Premiere Palace. For those not familiar with Solo Bass -- it's got like three good songs, ever; it's six panel (there are diagonal up-left and up-right arrows that you can't disable), and only one person can play at a time. Song list if you're curious.

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My fellow DDR-ers: 
06:16pm 16/08/2005
mood: groggy
How's it going?

I have been shit at updating the community, and for that I apologize.

Life has been pretty hectic lately, and I don't have much time for DDR. ;_; I'm trying to master the whole "get a job, get a car, get a life" thing before I get too old.

sweet_charade, our other moderator, is doing quite well for herself. She just moved in at WSU, please congratulate her and all that.

Both of us are getting ready to turn 18 (she on August 31 and I on September 7), and since that's a very important birthday, I figured I would announce it.

I will be getting together with her and we will plan something DDR-riffic for everyone- does a meetup sound cool to you guys?

To Do List For Mods
- Update DDR Community List by Locale
- Update Member Directory
- Do Something Fun
08:12pm 16/01/2005
mood: disappointed
The DDR machine at Silverball -- ahem, excuse me, R Cadia -- has been removed.

Now the only two DDR machines in Wichita (that I know of) are an Extreme at Towne East and a Solo Bass at the Premiere Palace.

Anyone know what happened, exactly? It seemed like the new management had some animosity towards the DDR players, but that could've just been me...
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03:53pm 19/11/2004
i want to get a new DDR game because i'm tired of the ones i have. i have ddr max 2 and ddr konamix. what's your favorite one? pleaseeee comment and tell me because i dont want to get a bad one. tell me how long you liked it for until you got bored of it if you can! thanks so much
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