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My fellow DDR-ers:

How's it going?

I have been shit at updating the community, and for that I apologize.

Life has been pretty hectic lately, and I don't have much time for DDR. ;_; I'm trying to master the whole "get a job, get a car, get a life" thing before I get too old.

sweet_charade, our other moderator, is doing quite well for herself. She just moved in at WSU, please congratulate her and all that.

Both of us are getting ready to turn 18 (she on August 31 and I on September 7), and since that's a very important birthday, I figured I would announce it.

I will be getting together with her and we will plan something DDR-riffic for everyone- does a meetup sound cool to you guys?

To Do List For Mods
- Update DDR Community List by Locale
- Update Member Directory
- Do Something Fun
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